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Sibling Love | Pinehurst Newborn Photography

When it comes to Pinehurst newborn photography, I know what is important, sibling and family images!

My Deluxe and Heirloom Newborn Sessions include the family. That is one reason those sessions can be a bit longer.  Wrangling a toddler(s) into sibling images with a newborn can be a challenge. I want to give the sibling(s) plenty of time to get comfortable and want to be in the images. I play with them, show them the monkey on my camera, show them how my lighting works, and sometimes bribe with Annie’s fruit snacks (I have a bunch at the studio!). There are sessions where the sibling(s) just want to be in the pictures and snuggle with their new brother or sister.  In the world of siblings and Pinehurst newborn photography anything goes, but I will do my very best to get you an image. Or in some cases, four or five!

Mr. C was super cooperative during his sister’s newborn session. He made my job crazy easy and I had the hardest time choosing which images to edit, so mom and dad ended up with five sibling proof images. And you know what? They loved every single one! Miss L even gave some HUGE grins when she was with her big brother making them extra special.

As you can see below, these images make an amazing wall collage!  The collage could be done with canvases or Photoblocks from the Netherlands and I can show you exactly how they will look on your wall. How could you not smile every time you walk by this wall? On those days when you are tired or the kids are fighting, these images will remind you of your true blessings!

I want my newborn sessions to focus on what you want. I want to capture the images that you will display and treasure in your home. Pinehurst newborn photography is a true passion of mine and one that I want to share with all my clients.

NPS Photography-Pinehurst Newborn Photography-Baby L-007NPS-Photography-Pinehurst-Newborn-Photography-Baby-L-002NPS-Photography-Pinehurst-Newborn-Photography-Baby-L-003NPS-Photography-Pinehurst-Newborn-Photography-Baby-L-005NPS-Photography-Pinehurst-Newborn-Photography-Baby-L-004NPS-Photography-Pinehurst-Newborn-Photography-Baby-L-008NPS-Photography-Pinehurst-Newborn-Photography-Baby-L-006NPS-Photography-Pinehurst-Newborn-Photography-Baby-L-007

Email me at info@npsphotography.com to book a session with your Pinehurst Newborn Photographer today!

I can’t wait to hear from you and capture these precious first moments for your family.

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I'm DC photographer, Natasha Sewell. I'm all about capturing those unscripted, full-of-personality moments in the comfort of your home.

As a mom of three and a former elementary school teacher turned in-home newborn and family photographer, I know how to get your littles to cooperate and have FUN!

Let’s get to preserving your family's real-life moments in the place you’re most comfortable – your home.

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