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The DC Area is BIG

If you’ve been hanging out here for awhile, you know that for years, I split my time – both personally and professionally – between North Carolina and Washington, D.C. But in May 2022, my husband and I made the switch to full time life in D.C. and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This move allows me to provide lifestyle photography for newborns and families, on a now full-time basis, in the D.C. metro area. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, but everyone says they live in DC even if it’s really Maryland or Virginia. And that is SO true! I grew-up in Bethesda, Maryland, but always tell people who ask where I’m from that I grew-up in DC!

The DMV – an abbreviation for the region including the District of Columbia, parts of Maryland and Virginia – is one of the most populated regions in the country. It contains tons of suburban towns (and the adorable families that fill them) and spans a pretty large area. As much as I’d love to serve each and every square inch of the DC metro region, I have to be upfront in saying that I prefer to fill my time taking pictures…not battling traffic. That’s one of the main reasons why I limit the areas I work within. 

Where I DO Shoot: Regions Served in the Washington D.C. Area

  • All of DC
  • Arlington, Alexandria and McLean, Virginia (and a little beyond)
  • Chevy Chase and Bethesda, Maryland (and parts of Silver Spring and Kensington)

Would I ever travel outside of these areas? The answer is YES! But, I do charge a travel fee in most cases and I do it on a very limited basis. It’s also important to know that I don’t have a studio space and I rarely shoot outdoor sessions (but we can utilize outdoor spots around your home- your front porch/steps or yard). Lifestyle sessions that take place in your home is where I shine – and, most importantly, where your family shines, too. 

If you happen to reach out and I cannot accommodate you or your requests, I’d love to refer you to someone else. The DMV has many incredibly talented photographers and I’m happy to share some of the best of the best with you. 

Are we a good fit?

Any questions about whether I’m the photographer for you? I highly recommend taking a look through my portfolio and reading a little more about me.

A few things to ask yourself:

  1. Do you want to be photographed at-home?
  2. Do you like the natural interactions in my portfolio?
  3. Do you like my editing style?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me here. I love to hear from families and talk about your photography needs – and refer you to others if that’s the next best step for you!

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meet natasha

I'm DC photographer, Natasha Sewell. I'm all about capturing those unscripted, full-of-personality moments in the comfort of your home.

As a mom of three and a former elementary school teacher turned in-home newborn and family photographer, I know how to get your littles to cooperate and have FUN!

Let’s get to preserving your family's real-life moments in the place you’re most comfortable – your home.

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