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Celebrating Georgie (my assistant) at One & Five | Pinehurst Photographer

UPDATE!!!!  Georgie is 5!  My mind is blown!  I literally just did his one year session!  And, he’s five!

In case you don’t know who Georgie is…he’s my assistant;)  Actually my Shih Tzu turned assistant. How does he assist?  He keeps my company while I edit, do client consults…you name it! And, he’s usually sleeping on the job!

Ok, now that you know WHO Georgie is – on to the good stuff! 

I HAD to recreate his one year birthday cake smash, but I no longer have a studio, so it took place in my garage!  And I really upped my pup cake game!  Much better than the one year pup cake!

Happy 5th Birthday, Georgie!

Celebrating Georgie at One and Five E28093 NPS Photography 0002 683x1024 1 - NPS Photography

Celebrating Georgie at One and Five E28093 NPS Photography 0001 769x1024 1 - NPS Photography

OLD POST: Furry family members are just that…family! My family got a Shih Tzu last summer to “replace” our son going to college. As a Pinehurst Photographer, I have documented his first year.  A different kind of Watch Me Grow Package, right?

Georgie turns ONE tomorrow and I had to take this opportunity to celebrate his big birthday! I made this little, layered, dog-friendly cake for his Cake Smash Session. It had apple and peanut butter in it and he quite liked it (thank you Pinterest)! We also tried to recreate the image I took of him in my Pinehurst studio a few days after we got him. Unfortunately, he had outgrown the bowl!

I often get asked if family pets can be part of sessions.  My answer is YES! Bring on the furry family members! I’ve done plenty of sessions with dogs! It’s always fun with a hint of unpredictability! Honestly, working with pets isn’t much different than working with toddlers. Pro Tip: If you get your dog groomed on a regular basis, you should schedule a grooming session the day before. After all, you want them to look their best!

I encourage all family members to join in your session.

Happy 1st Birthday, Georgie Sewell!






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