Pinehurst NC | Newborn Baby Boy

This 10 day fresh newborn baby boy had the best expressions during his session…smiles!

I usually start newborn sessions by wrapping the baby.  Mainly to calm them and get them into that deep sleep. Mr. B arrived sound asleep and very, well fed.  So, we started with the bean bag naked portraits first! I say it all the time, the baby dictates the session!

I do have a workflow, but it is a general plan for the session. I get an idea of the baby and how they are doing when they first arrive. If there are siblings involved, I always do those portraits first.  Siblings are going through an adjustment and I find that doing those portraits first helps. Then, they can go home or play in the other room.

The number one question I get asked by moms and dads…What if the baby doesn’t sleep? Let me put you at ease right now.  Eventually, all babies go to sleep! I create the perfect environment for them and we make sure they are well fed.  I get beautiful awake portraits, some prop portraits and parent portraits if baby is wide awake during a Deluxe Session. Patience.  That’s all it takes.

And I just might capture that sweet, sleepy smile for you, too!

Newborn Baby Boy 001Newborn Baby Boy 002Newborn Baby Boy 003Newborn Baby Boy 004Newborn Baby Boy 005Newborn Baby Boy 006