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What to Wear – Headshot Edition

NPS Photography, a Pinehurst headshot photographer, is here to help! The number one thing you need to know when going in for a headshot studio session – what background color or colors are going to be used.  This is important when choosing the right top color. Beyond color, fit is important, too. Then, there is make-up, hair and jewelry to finish your overall look.


  • solid tops work best
  • avoid bold prints and stripes that can be distracting
  • avoid flesh colored tops (cream, beige, peach, yellow)


  • fitted tops are the most flattering
  • avoid low cut tops
  • sleeves work best – 3/4 or long
  • a flattering neckline on you
  • leave the blazers and jackets at home – they tend to make you look bulky


  • keep it simple – no big or bold necklaces or earrings


  • a natural look
  • blush and lip color is a MUST
  • powder, powder, powder to avoid a shiny face


  • hairspray is your friend – try to smooth flyaways the best you can

You want your headshot to look like you! Make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing, as well as, your hair and make-up.

For additional What to Wear ideas, please check out my Pinterest Board.

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