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Outdoor Sitter – Sanford Baby Photographer

Smiles.  We had to work for them. Mom jumping around behind me, playing music, and dancing. Me fake sneezing and playing peek-a-boo. This Sanford baby photographer knows how to work it to get a smile…even a small one!

I first met Baby D back in November for his newborn session. My how he has grown! He still has those big eyes and gorgeous lashes. He was a trooper during his outdoor sitter session. This time of year, I shoot early morning or early evening (7pm).  Mom chose early morning because Baby D is asleep by 7pm. He is also an early riser (5:30am), so by 8am he is ready for a nap! Mom and grandma got in the car a bit early and drove him around so he could get a little nap before his session. Post mini-nap and bottle, he was ready to go! He was super interested in my camera.  In fact, he could take his eyes off it, so it made getting that smile that much more work. But, it was worth it!  Look at those precious grins.

As a Sanford baby photographer, I often get asked, “Why a sitter session?” There are so many reasons to capture this awesome milestone!

1. They are finally upright! Prior to sitting-up every picture had them on their back. Now we can get some darling images of them sitting. Although, I do love getting them playing with their toes on their back at this age, too.

2. It’s a precious age/stage. They are super interactive and their facial expressions are priceless! (Even if we have to work for them).

3. They stay put. For the most part. They aren’t crawling or walking and they actually stay where you put them! We don’t have to chase them down yet.

4. It’s the perfect mid-point of that first year. Most babies sit-up somewhere between six to seven months (of course, my third didn’t sit-up until eight – so there is a range). And usually by one they are already on the go!

As a Sanford baby photographer, I highly recommend capturing this milestone. I promise you won’t regret it!

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