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Family of Three

It’s hard to believe this newborn session was over a month ago…cue all the tears. I miss photographing newborns SO much! Seriously, you have no idea.

This newborn photographer misses her clients. I miss seeing them and hugging them and welcoming their new additions.

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I miss first time parents. I just adore first time parents. They are so gentle and careful. It takes both of them to change the baby’s diaper. I just love watching it.

And documenting it. Because everything is just so new.

Northern VA Newborn Photographer 1

These two were so calm. It warmed my heart to watch them.

Baby R was super chill, too. He really only opened his eyes twice – he was well fed and totally milk drunk.

Big Sister’s Sometimes Have Fur

Northern VA Newborn Photographer 5

At least this one did! Baby R actually has three furry siblings, but mom and dad knew this sweet girl was the calmest and would be the easiest to include in the session. And she really was.

LOVE this “big sis” picture so much! All the hearts!

Northern VA Newborn Photographer 2

Northern VA Newborn Photographer 8


I’m a total sucker for details. Wrinkly foreheads, itty-bitty toes, the hair swirl on the top of their little head, pouty lips. I can’t resist! I have to capture them.

These detail shots add so much to your album! I love weaving them throughout the design. (Just in case you didn’t know, your Lifestyle Newborn Session includes a custom designed keepsake album).

It’s seriously the PERFECT keepsake.

Northern VA Newborn Photographer 6

Promise Me

Promise me something…please! When things get back to normal, send me all the newborns! I want to photograph them all.

And if you are are having a baby during this difficult time, please know that I am thinking of you and I would LOVE to capture your family and new addition once we can hug.

I’d love to connect with you and share all the details on my Lifestyle Newborn Sessions. Because this lifestyle photographer is ready to get back to work!

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