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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

There are a lot of newborn session myths out there. Maybe you’ve heard them from a friend or even a photographer. And during our phone consult you’ve asked me these questions with concern in your voice. Well, I’m here to debunk them all!

Here’s the Truth

“Newborns need to be asleep for good pictures during their newborn session.”

FALSE. 100% false. Newborns can be asleep, awake, fussy, eating…and they usually do it all during their in-home photo session.

Lifestyle in-home newborn sessions aren’t posed, so the baby can be all of the above! No big deal.

“Newborn Sessions need to take place in the first two weeks.”

I hear this ALL the time! With panic in your voice because your baby is (gasp!) already ten days old. Breath. I shoot newborns as old as eight weeks. Again, lifestyle newborn sessions aren’t posed, so it doesn’t matter! In fact, I love photographing older newborns!

“My newborn needs a few outfits for their photos.”

They can be in a white onesie or you can choose a special one piece outfit for them to wear. But you only need one! Although, blowouts happen, so it’s not a bad idea to have a back-up outfit, too. I have a whole blog post on What Your Newborn Should Wear!

“I need a few props for our photos.”

Ok, you hired me, a lifestyle newborn photographer, so no props please! Now if prop filled photos are what you’re looking for, you might want to find a different photographer. I’m all about real life moments over prop filled ones. Take a look at my portfolio to get an idea of what I offer.

“I need to have a professionally decorated home for an in-home newborn session.”

NO! Not at all. I have done sessions in rental homes and I’ve worked around moving boxes. You do not need anything but a baby and some windows for a newborn session. Ok?

Let’s Chat – Set-up a Phone Consult

Do me a favor. Don’t believe everything you hear! Instead, set-up a phone consult with me and let me answer all your questions. I’ll even walk you through a session.

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