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NPS Photography, an Aberdeen newborn photographer, is please to offer Newborn Mini Sessions.  Giving my clients options when it comes to newborn sessions is very important to me. Below are the questions I am asked most about Newborn Mini Sessions.

What is a Newborn Mini Session?

A Newborn Mini Session is a 45 minute session completely focused on the baby! NPS Photography does two set-ups, usually one prop set-up and some simple bean bag images. The session is done whether the baby is awake or asleep. I do create the perfect environment for a sleepy baby and I send instructions for mom and dad the morning of the session to encourage sleep. The baby is wrapped or in little pants during the session (the diaper stays on).

Why a baby only session?

There are many reasons for doing a baby only session. Sometimes one parent isn’t able to be at the session due to a job or deployment, so parent portraits aren’t needed.  Sometimes parents don’t want sibling portraits because they want the session to be all about the baby. Sometimes the baby is a bit older (typically newborn sessions are done in the first two weeks) and are more alert.  The Newborn Mini Session is ideal for older newborns who are more alert.  I have photographed six and eight week olds. I never turn a newborn away due to their age.

Can you really get enough images in 45 minutes? I thought newborn sessions were hours long.

Absolutely! The studio is ready to go and I get going right away.  I do ask that you bring me a well fed baby or that you come a bit early to feed the baby at the studio. I have had Newborn Mini Sessions take as little as 25 minutes.  It just depends on the baby.

My newborn is fussy.  What if you don’t get what you need in 45 minutes?

I never set a timer! I am certainly not going to kick you out of the studio if I haven’t gotten everything I need. Typically, 45 minutes is plenty of time.

How long until we see our edited proof images?

Two weeks! Two weeks after your session, I invite you back to the studio to view a beautiful slideshow of your images and place your order. You will choose a package (there are three to choose from) and I will answer any questions. At my studio you will have the opportunity to see and touch all my products, including my Photoblocks from the Netherlands and Italian Display Boxes.

We placed our order.  How long until we have our products?

Products take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on what you order. Prints, announcements, canvases, and digital images are ready for pick-up within two weeks of your ordering appointment.

I welcome questions! Please let me know if I can help you book a Newborn Mini Session.

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See some of my recent newborn work here and browse through my package options here.

Email me at info@npsphotography.com for an amazing experience with an Aberdeen Newborn Photographer!

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