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This was a different kind of session for me – Newborn Lifestyle Photography isn’t usually my thing.  I do studio newborn sessions. But, this was a special session and I created my own kind of lifestyle session.

My cousin, Jamie, and his wife were expecting twins!  They have two older daughters and were soon to be a family of SIX! Jamie reached out to me and asked if I’d be willing their newborn session.  Not in my studio, but in their home in Des Moines, Iowa. Oh, and it was going to take place in January.  If you know me, you know I am not a fan of the cold.  10 years in North Carolina can do that to someone. But, I was honored, of course I said YES!

The twins were born in late December, a little earlier than expected.  So, we planned my trip for late January. This was going to be a different type of Newborn Session for me.  No lighting, no posing beanbag and I was going to have to fit everything I wanted to use in my suitcase. And it had to be a carry-on suitcase because I wasn’t going to risk loosing my bag! What to bring?  Was I just going to use what they had?  I love Newborn Lifestyle Photography  Sessions, but I’m used to posing newborns.  I LOVE posing newborns. So, I needed to make this Newborn Lifestyle Session my own.

Posing beans, a few bonnets and headbands, two blankets and several wraps.  Plus a white balance card and a pop-up reflector. I didn’t really need clothes, right? Less than two days, I could get away with one pair of shoes (packing one pair of shoes for a trip is a MAJOR accomplishment for me!), pjs, and one change of clothes. Somehow I managed to fit everything in my suitcase and my R. Riveter Grant bag. Let me tell you, my R. Riveter Grant bag is the only way I travel!  I got my camera, lens, laptop, iPad and all my toiletries in that bag.  It’s amazing!

Jamie sent me some pictures of their home and I was able to make a plan. Their master bedroom had some great light and I knew I could most of the session there.  So, here’s my hybrid Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session. A little bit of lifestyle and a little bit of posed newborn session.  All natural light (back to my roots!).  I shot natural light newborn sessions for a number of years. NPS Photography’s Newborn Lifestyle Session doesn’t look like other photographers.  It’s the BEST of both worlds.

I am NOW offering in-home lifestyle newborn sessions in the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area!  You can read a little more about them on my investment page.  I am looking forward to talking to you about this session option!

By the way, I survived DesMoines temps (the high was 6 degrees on the day I left…yes, that’s single digits).  Thank you Grosse Family for letting me capture your amazing family of six!

Are you interested in a Newborn Session with NPS Photography?  I would LOVE to connect with you and walk you through the process.

Please request a phone consult and let’s chat!

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