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Photography Business Must Have List

I’ve Seen it So Many Times

Have you ever known anyone like this?

They buy a “nice” camera and decide to become a photographer. And they take good pictures! They follow their dreams BEFORE they set-up systems and a legit business. And about a year after they “start” their business, they realize it’s A LOT of work and they decide to close-up shop.

I know SO many photographers who have done just this. Because being a photographer isn’t all about taking pictures – in fact that’s a very small part of what I do!

A business needs to be run like a business! Shocker – I know!

So, as a photographer, I’ve put together my photography business MUST HAVE list! And I hope this helps.

Photography Business MUST HAVE List

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  1. A mentor. I lucked out and found a photographer who is also an amazing business guru! Sabrina Gebhardt and all her classes and mentoring sessions are the absolute BEST! I did an in-person mentoring session with Sabrina in the summer of 2019 (man does that feel like a lifetime ago!). Invest in in-person mentoring when it’s available again! You won’t regret it! And then I did two rounds of her online Mastermind. Both were outstanding! She currently has an online course that starts January 25th and I can promise you it’s going to be the bomb! Let me know if you want more info.

  2. Client Relationship Management Software. I use 17 Hats! There are a lot of other CRMs out there, but I personally love 17 Hats and have been using it for over four years. It keeps all my clients and inquiries in one place. It literally takes my clients from inquiry to booking to final thank you! It’s a lifesaver!

  3. Lightroom & Photoshop. Yes, I use both! I was a Photoshop only gal until a little over a year ago. Once I switched to Lifestyle Sessions, I needed to be able to edited on average 40-50 images from each session and Photoshop was just too slow. I still import photos to Photoshop to fix baby acne and a few other things, but I’m now a Lightroom girl!

  4. Branding Photo Session. A MUST!!!! Seriously, don’t put it off. You need professional pictures of YOU! Yes, you can do some pictures with a tripod, but hiring someone takes the whole experience and end result to a different level! And if you are in the DC or Pinehurst, NC area – I’d love to work with you to capture you and your brand. Take a look at my work!

  5. A good calendar. Whether it’s online or paper – you need something to keep your days in order. I’m a paper/pencil kind-of girl – so I love my Erin Condren calendar. I like to be able to look at my whole week and it allows me to do just that!

  6. An assistant who doesn’t sleep on the job (like my pup Georgie!)…joking! But in all seriousness – hire help if you need it!

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My assistant – my pup Georgie!

My photography business MUST HAVE list might look a little different than yours, and I’d love to know what’s on your list! So, please leave a comment and let me know what your MUST HAVE business items are!

photo credit: Pamela Wandrey Photography