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You just had a baby. And you are madly in love with this new little person, but you are exhausted and slightly overwhelmed, too.

I’ve been there.  Three times in four years as a matter of fact.You’re debating doing pictures of your newborn because you are tired and the thought of having pictures taken by a Pinehurst newborn photographer makes you kind of nervous. But, something keeps tugging at your heart to do it. Because you know these moments don’t last forever and even though you are exhausted, you want to remember.

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As Nike says, “Just do it!”

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lifestyle newborn session

Just do it! Do the newborn session even though you are tired and your house isn’t at it’s best. The newborn session will capture the newness of this little life and all the details that make them unique. Do it! Because the someday you will wish you had.How do I know? Because Newborn sessions weren’t a thing back when I had my babies. I mean, no one did them.  I’m not even sure photographers offered them. And what I wouldn’t give to go back. What I wouldn’t give to have an album of my babies when they were brand new.You forget. All the little details like the tiny fingers and swirl of hair on their little head. You forget what they looked like in your arms.

Let Me Capture All the Newborn Goodness

Let me, NPS Photography – a Pinehurst Newborn Photographer, help you never forget.I’ll come in your home and document all the wonders of this new little life.Then, I’ll hand edit all those precious memories and create a keepsake album for you to cherish forever.So, one day, when you have a 22 year old getting ready to graduate from college, you can look back and remember it all.A Lifestyle Newborn Session is seriously priceless. Don’t believe me? Read what my clients are saying about me.I’d love to capture these moments for you. Let’s chat.