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How to Prep for a Smooth DC Lifestyle Session

How to Prep for a Smooth In-home Lifestyle Session

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You’ve booked an in-home lifestyle session. And now you are second guessing your decision. Don’t panic! You’ve got this mama and I’m sharing four tips to prep for a smooth lifestyle session below.

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Something to Keep In Mind

One important thing to remember is that kids feed off our emotions. Boy I wish I’d had that on repeat in my head when my kids were little. Let me say that again for the people in the back, kids feed off OUR emotions.

They know when you are stressed out or upset or flustered. And they know it even if you aren’t taking it out on them. I’ve been guilty of this. I’ve been short with my kids when I’m stressed and probably even yelled…yes, I cringed as I typed that!

And I know an in-home session can be stressful and a bit unsettling for everyone. But you – as the mom – can do a few things to make it easier and keep yourself and your whole family calm.

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The Tips

1. Get up early that morning! Give yourself a bit of time alone to take a shower, eat something and curl your hair if you choose. That’s right – get yourself dressed and ready first! I’m telling you this will make a HUGE difference.

2. Take some deep breaths. When you feel that tension rising up…BREATH! We’ve all been there. Someone’s not listening and throwing a fit and you can literally feel your shoulders tensing up. Pause, count to five and take three deep breaths. Presto – relaxed again! Read about the benefits of deep breathing HERE.

3. Put on some fun tunes and sing along or dance it out with your kids. I don’t know about you, but music totally changes my mood. As a photographer, it’s the absolute best to walk into a client’s home and hear music playing. It just lightens things up!

4. This one is SUPER important! Turn off the electronics. Yep, turn them off. At least 30 minutes before I arrive. That means YOUR phone, too. I can’t compete with YouTube or some fun iPad game. And I certainly don’t want to be the “bad guy” who asks your child to put it away…believe me that never turns out well! And monkey see monkey do…so by turning off your electronics, you are showing your kids it’s the right thing to do!

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Follow these steps and I promise you will enjoy your session and so will your kids!

Now that you know how to prep to make your lifestyle session super smooth – are you ready to book?

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