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How to Pose for Your Family Photo Session

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Pose? For a lifestyle sessions?

That seems like an oxymoron. But, truth is, it’s not.

Posing happens in lifestyle photography.

I personally wish there was another word for posing as it pertains to lifestyle sessions, but there isn’t. So, I’m going to give you some posing tips that you can use during your lifestyle session. But, if you are doing a session with me, I promise to help you along the way! Think of this as a little pre-session posing guide.

The 6 Tips on How to pose for Your Family Photos

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1. Where to Look!

Where should you look? NOT AT ME!

I know for traditional pictures the photographer wants everyone smiling at the camera. Lifestyle sessions are different. I promise to get one “grandma shot” (everyone looking at the camera) early on, but then we are throwing that thought out the window!

In general, I want you to look at the ones you love.

Newborn session? Look at your newborn, significant other or older children.

Family session? Look at someone in your family – anyone, but me!

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2. No Double Chins!

This goes along with looking at someone in your family – don’t get a double chin!

Stretch your neck out. Don’t pull your head back…believe me you don’t want a double chin in your pictures!

3. Show Your Face!

Another tip when looking at your family.

Don’t look straight down – avoid showing me the top of your head!

Instead, tilt your head to side and angle down. I want to see your face!

4. Get close!

I don’t want space between you and your other family members (unless I “pose” you that way!). Move in close.

Lean your heads close to one another, too.

Think of posing like a puzzle.

Instead of mushing together – leg to leg, shoulder to shoulder – turn your body, put your back towards someone (probably your spouse) and nestle in. This works particularly well when you’re sitting on a couch, bed or on the floor.

5. Where to Put Your Hands!

Touch each other! You know those awkward photos when no one knows what to do with their hands? I have an easy way to fix that! Touch someone!

Hold someone’s hand.

Put an arm around someone.

Rest your hand on someone’s leg and arm.

Just say NO to awkward hanging arms and hands!

6. Keep Your Expressions Soft!

Ok, this might be a bit confusing. Yes, I want you to smile. Yes, I want you to look like you’re having FUN (because you are)! But, I don’t want you to over exaggerate your expressions.

So, smile, but don’t make it a HUGE open mouth smile! You get the idea! You can even do a closed mouth soft smile once and awhile.

7. Movement!

Keep moving. Tickle your kids, hold them in tight, play with their hair or rub their arm.

If you’re standing, sway back and forth, let your kids jump up and down.

Movement is beautiful and adds a lot of interest to a picture.

The Last Thing

Go all in! TRUST ME and all the crazy things I’m asking you to do – I promise it will make a difference and your family photos will be AMAZING!

Now you Know What to Do – Book the Session!

I promise to direct you and loosely pose you throughout your lifestyle session. But, there will be no pressure on you or your family to all freeze and look at the camera.

Lifestyle Sessions are all about having FUN!

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