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Wall Art for Your Nursery

The reason you get that “ooooo” moment when you see art in a room is because of how it’s coordinated. A great room has been styled throughout every inch. So, take time to think about these elements in the room a little bit:

First… Decide WHERE you want the art and assess the space.

• Is the wood in the space dark, light, or mid-tone?

• Are there any accent wall colors?

• Does your nursery have neutral colors or pops of color?

• What other textures are in the room that you can coordinate with?

Keep these things in mind when you are choosing what to wear for your newborn session.

Points to remember about color and spacing when deciding where to display:

• Pick images in tones that work with the room. This will make the image look customized for the space.

• The color in the space should work well with the images you are hanging there.

• When hanging multiple images, place images that have similar color tones together or balance them. A mish-mash of color in one gallery will make it feel haphazard and not “designed.”

• Make sure, if hanging one image, that it will make a statement and be an image you will want to look at forever! Also, go BIG with one image. A small canvas or framed image gets lost on a large wall.

• Symmetry works great, too. 4 framed images on a wall, perfectly spaced and symmetrical can create a great focal point all on its own! Matted 5x7s framed and BOOM – you have a gorgeous gallery wall!

I’d love to help you design the perfect wall art for your nursery. Want to see a mock-up of your wall? I can do that, too!

Want More Ideas

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Framed portraits in a nursery.

Newborn Session wall art in a nursery.

Canvas wall art in a nursery.

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