Hair for Days | Ft. Bragg Baby Session

This dear one was absolutely perfect in pink. Her delicate features, gorgeous eyes and the most amazing blonde hair I have ever seen on a newborn. She was a dream during her Ft. Bragg baby session. Awake at the beginning and asleep for the remainder of the session.

Why do I wrap newborns?

There are a couple of reasons for wrapping (or swaddling) newborns during their session.

1. They have been in a tight space for nine months, so they are used to it and it calms them.

2. The wrap keeps their arms and legs secure. Flailing arms and legs don’t look great in a newborn portrait.

3. The wrap keeps them warm and usually puts them straight to sleep. Then, I can unwrap them!

Occasionally, I get a baby who doesn’t like having their hand tucked in. I am able to bring their hands out of the wrap at the top.  I adore seeing their little fingers.

Baby M was bright eyed when she arrived and the wrap did it’s job! I got some stunning awake images and then she went off to dream land and let me get some of the precious naked images. I use various wraps, hats and with girls, headbands, to add variety to the images.  They add a softness and little pops of color. The wraps and hats are usually similar or complimentary colors to create a cohesive group of images.

Welcome to the world, Baby M!

NPS-Photography-Ft. Bragg Baby Session-Baby-M-001NPS-Photography-Ft. Bragg Baby Session-Baby-M-002NPS-Photography-Ft. Bragg Baby Session-Baby-M-003NPS-Photography-Ft. Bragg Baby Session-Baby-M-004

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