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Surprise! Surprise!

Are there really any surprises left in the world? Ok, maybe a surprise party now and again, but seriously, we plan everything out. And with social media, it’s honestly hard to keep things a secret!

Except for one thing…your baby’s gender! Finding out your baby’s gender is a surprise for everyone!

And I’m a BIG believer that it’s a surprise no matter if you find out at 12 weeks, 20 weeks or on their actual “birth” day. And it’s the one BIG surprise no one can really spoil for you!

Finding Out Your Babys Gender NPS Photography 0001

Finding out your baby’s gender

My Story

My husband and I wanted to know the gender of our babies – because FYI I strongly dislike surprises!!! But, back in the day when I was pregnant, you really only found out the gender at the 20 week anatomy scan. Or if you needed extra testing. So the 20 week appointment was our only real chance.

We told the ultrasound tech that we did want to know the gender – then, a few things happened. I got sick (back in 1997 they made you drink a ton of water before the appointment and I literally felt sick to my stomach) and I had to go to the bathroom SO badly!!! So they actually let me go to the bathroom and then we resumed the ultrasound.

They checked all the normal anatomy stuff and the best news, for sure, was that we had a healthy a baby! But, was it a boy or a girl!?! The ultrasound tech couldn’t tell (the baby had crossed their legs with their knees together). So a doctor came in and the baby hadn’t moved. So, they couldn’t tell us. WHAT!?! I SO wanted to know!

I left the appointment disappointed over not finding out the gender, but thrilled the baby was healthy.

We had to wait another 20 weeks to find out the gender. In the meantime, I bought gender neutral clothing and decorated the nursery so that it would work for a boy or a girl. And we just waited.

I’ll spare you the details of my VERY long delivery, but in the end hearing the doctor say, “It’s a BOY!” was the best surprise!

We did find out the gender of our other two children prior to delivery (both boys), but I think finding out in the delivery room was a pretty amazing feeling.

So, just remember, whether you find out your baby’s gender while your pregnant or once your baby arrives – it’s a surprise! There are some things we just can’t plan and that’s what makes it pretty magical.

Are you expecting? I’d love to capture your family and your new addition!

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Finding Out Your Babys Gender NPS Photography 0002

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Finding Out Your Babys Gender NPS Photography 0004

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