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Capturing Families Where They Feel at Home

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We all feel at home right now. Some of us might even feel stuck at home right now. Especially since it’s not really a choice.

I saw a great thing online that totally changed the way I see this. It said…

You are not stuck at home. You are safe at home.

Isn’t that the way we should always feel? Safe at home.

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This was the LAST family session I did before social distancing and quarantining was a thing.

And I was so happy we got this session in!

Two sweet girls with their parents on a Saturday morning at home. Reading stories, playing on their bed and just loving on each other.

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DC Area Lifestyle Session 4

Snuggles and Comforts

Kids are happiest at home. They feel safe and comfortable even when a stranger stops by with a big camera. That’s why I love doing Lifestyle Session in your home!

Sure – sometimes kids are out-of-sorts even at home, but it’s easier to redirect or give them space and time to regroup.

DC Area Lifestyle Session 6

And thumb sucking and mama hugs are all part of it. Along with jumping on the bed and holding mom’s hands to take a few steps.

This is what makes your Lifestyle Session perfect. This is what makes it you.

DC Area Lifestyle Session 7

So when you look back on these moments in your home you remember this age and stage.

And even if you are completely sick and tired of your house right now…you won’t be once everything gets back to normal.

DC Area Lifestyle Session 8

I’m looking ahead. I’m currently booking Lifestyle Family Sessions for late summer and fall.

I’d love to chat with you or send you more information. All you have to do is click the button below.

And remember…you are safe at home.

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