It’s GREAT to be 8!

EIGHT!?! How did that happen? I have had the privilege of photographing this handsome guy since he was three.  Five years of fun with him. My how he has grown! One of the best parts of being a child studio photographer is watching children grow year after year.

This year his mom wanted to do a YOU Session in the studio. No longer is he the little boy I had to chase around.  He sat on the stool in my studio and told me jokes. Funny ones! And when he laughed that dimple came out.  I loved capturing all his expressions. These four portraits tell the story of being 8! Because after all, 8 is pretty great.

I have a lot of pictures of my kids when they were little (naturally – I have always loved photography), but I must say they dwindle some as they get older. My boys were harder to get in front of the camera and they I don’t think I realized how important it was to really document every age.

I love that Mr. A comes to see me every single year to celebrate his new age.  His mom has an amazing collection of portraits of him.  Portraits that really show how much he has grown, not just physically, but also grown as a person.

YOU Sessions are still available and are the ideal way to capture your older child, tween and teen. They are one on one session in my Pinehurst studio. I interact with your child to get those four distinct expressions that capture them.

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