Child Birthday Photos in Pinehurst

It’s my birthday! My FIRST Birthday! And I got to celebrate with child birthday photos in NPS Photography’s Pinehurst Studio!

How is it possible that Mr. A is one!?! I literally just did his newborn session. And just like that, he’s one! I have been photographing his big sister since she was born and she is almost FIVE! Big Sis has a lot of personality and mom and dad didn’t want it to overshadow his session, so he came alone with mom. That was the right choice because his little personality shined through from beginning to end!

Mom brought their rocking horse from home. It was the same one we used in big sis’s one year session.  He loved it! We also used a little chair from the studio and the studio sofa. He sat on the sofa for a minute and then decided his was done.  Down he climbed!

Studio child birthday photos are so much fun! Most importantly, a studio session means we can really focus on the child.  There are no outdoor distractions, such as, playgrounds, cars or dogs. It is easy to incorporate items from home or the chairs and props available in my studio.

Options for Studio Child Birthday Photos with NPS Photography:

  1. Two outfits! Feel free to bring more than one look for the birthday boy or girl.
  2. Family and/or sibling portraits. I am happy to get a family portrait during your session.
  3. Interested in a Cake Smash? I offer C.Cups add ons.  I order the cake and have it at the studio ready to go!

Are you interested in celebrating your child with birthday portraits? I would love to talk to you and start planning your Birthday Session toady!

Please fill out a contact form or call me!

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Wall Art is an option at your ordering appointment.  The best thing you can put on your walls is YOU!