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May 17, 2020

Natasha Sewell


I love that David Bowie song – sorry if it’s now stuck in your head!

And it seems the appropriate way to announce some changes to NPS Photography. These changes were not caused by Covid-19 – although the timing would make you think they were – they have actually been in the works for over 18 months.

And I know changes can be hard and I know some changes are negative, BUT these aren’t! They are win-win for everyone.

Change #1

One of the big changes is that I am giving up my beautiful studio space in Pinehurst. Before you freak out – I am NOT, I repeat NOT closing my business. I am just focusing on Lifestyle Family and Newborn Sessions from here on out. And I do not need my studio for Lifestyle Sessions. Lifestyle Sessions take place in your home or outdoors.

And here’s the reason why I’ve made the switch…over a year ago my husband retired from the Army and took a job in the DC area. I stayed in Pinehurst full-time so our youngest could finish high school here. And on June 6th he will graduate (cue the mommy tears).


during a walk in October 2019 – near our condo

Two Locations to Serve You

But here’s what’s exciting – I am not completely relocating! Nope, I am going to split my time between Pinehurst and DC. We love the Sandhills and have spent the past 11 years raising our boys here and we aren’t ready to say to goodbye.

Washington DC Lifestyle Photographer

family with twins

So, my schedule might be a little different – a few weeks in DC and then a week or so in Pinehurst, but my sessions are not changing!

Lifestyle Sessions grant me the opportunity to do sessions in both DC and Pinehurst. Yes, I will have to be meticulous with my scheduling, but I am VERY confident I can make it work. I actually did some DC sessions this fall and LOVED it! I grew-up there and loved connecting with some old friends, as well as, some clients from NC that have moved.

DC Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions will take place in my clients’ homes whether they live in the Sandhills or the DC area. And Family Lifestyle Sessions will be outdoors or in my clients’ homes.

DC Photographer

DC Lifestyle Photographer

I am super excited about these ch-ch-changes! And I can’t wait to schedule a Lifestyle Session with you in the near future.

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