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branding session with The Modern Planter

What’s Missing in Your Small Business?

Are you a small business? Maybe a one woman (or man) show? Maybe you have a few employees.

Do you know the Number 1 thing you can do level up your business?

Schedule a Branding Photography Session!

A Branding Session can really make you stand out on social media and help your website and message be more cohesive.

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The Branding Session Process

Think about your favorite brands. What makes them stand out? Is it their visual presence?

Branding isn’t just your logo, name and colors – it’s so much more!

I LOVE working with small businesses to create images that visually tell their story. I send all my branding clients an extensive questionnaire that helps me zero in on what you and your brand need! We also create a secret Pinterest board where we can share inspiration and ideas for your session.

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Your branding photography session includes everything from LinkedIn worthy headshots to flat lays showcasing the tools and products you use. Your photos will tell the story of you and your business – because let’s face it, you are your small business!

Most Branding Sessions take place in your work space – which can be anywhere from your home to your shop to an outdoor space. We may even “travel” to a coffee shop or a spot you frequent.

Do you sell products? Product shots can be part of your session, too!

The end result – your business will stand out and shine!

Are you interested in learning more about Branding Photography Sessions with NPS?