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Back-to-School Traditions with a Freebie

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!”

That may be true for some, but I know some of you are shedding a few tears.

Back-to-school can be emotional! On the one hand you are so happy to have your kids back on a schedule and on the other it’s the reality that your kids are another year older!

I’ve felt both – utter joy and a little pull at my heart with a few tears.

Back-to-School Traditions

We always made a big deal about back-to-school. I wanted my kids to be excited about the year! And the butterflies you feel when you’re excited are the same ones you feel when you’re nervous, so I tried to focus on the excited ones!

As a military family, my kids attended more schools than the average kid. So, traditions were part of our back-to-school experience!

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Shopping & Dinner

Shopping and a special dinner. Back-to-school shopping with three boys wasn’t always fun (they don’t love to shop like their mama), but we made it fun by going for a special dinner afterwards.

This dinner varied depending on where we lived, but the whole time we lived in North Carolina, one restaurant was out favorite – The Melting Pot!

What’s more fun than fondue? And my husband and I loved it because it’s a slow meal where we had a chance to really talk to our kids about the upcoming school year.

On the shopping side of things, getting a new outfit for the first day and new sneakers was always exciting! Even to the kid who doesn’t like shopping. Picking out something they love meant a lot.

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Dry Run & Hot Chocolate

On the last weekday before the first day of school, we did a dry run!

That meant alarms set, up on time, breakfast and to the car by the time we had to leave for school. When we lived somewhere where they took a bus, they had to be ready by bus pic-up time!

And then we’d head out for hot chocolate at one of our favorite local spots.

Again, we sit and talk about the school year and enjoy hot chocolate on what was usually a very hot day!

Now that my kids are college age, I give them a Starbucks card when I drop them off so they can enjoy a hot chocolate on me with a friend.

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Back-to-School Pics (and a FREEBIE)

First day of school pictures every single year. Oh those happy faces ready to take on the year! I have a little freebie filled with tips to get the best back-to-school pics! No fancy equipment required!

Special Snack

After school on the first day of school I would always have a special snack. Usually something homemade (but occasionally I bought it!). Chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, really anything they love! You can grab my favorite banana bread recipe HERE.

I want to know your back-to-school traditions! Leave a comment and let me know what your family does to make Back-to-school special!


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