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Fun family photography session

Fun – Just Plain Fun

Three little girls. THREE – and I’ve photographed them all since Day 1. What a treat for me! As a Chevy Chase photographer who has THREE boys – I love a session with girls!

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One of the BEST parts of my job is getting to interact with different people and different personalities! And even within one family, every single child has a different personality.

Miss C is the BIG sister. She’s headed to kindergarten (or virtual kindergarten for now) in just a few weeks. She’s a sweetie. Loving, nurturing and a real helper!

Miss A is a spit fire! Silly and loud and crazy fun. She loves “Toy Story” and loved sticking out her tongue whenever I snapped a picture.

Miss S is the baby. Almost one. She’s shy (probably because she’s basically only seen her family for half her life thanks to quarantine). A little observer and it takes work to get a smile out of her!

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Chevy Chase Family Photography Session


That’s my job. To observe and capture. Because I want every parent to look at the images I take and go “YES! That’s so her (or him)!”

Your session should capture all the personalities that make-up your unique family. And it’s my job to make that happen!

Your job? To relax and have fun with your family. Doing the things you like to do – reading books, having a tea party, dancing, baking or maybe building Legos. We chose to do this whole session at the home, but outside!

Their gorgeous front porch and huge front lawn were the perfect backdrop. We found the perfect shady spot for their tea party – when you have three girls, you have tea parties!

You get to choose the activities that mean something to your family and it’s my job to capture all the magic as it unfolds.

Chevy Chase Family Photography

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Your Story

I want your session to tell YOUR family’s story. Are you ready for a session that captures your family PERFECTLY?