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Always Learning | Pinehurst Newborn Photography

Pinehurst newborn photography is my passion! I spend lots of time (and money) perfecting my craft. It important to me to get it PERFECT for my clients. I have attended multiple conferences which included workshops. I did an in person workshop years ago when I switched to studio lighting.  However, I really wanted to do a one on one workshop to up my posing game and skills!

Last weekend, I travelled to Auburn, Alabama to work with Amy McDaniel of Dewdrops Photography. I spent a day and half (plus a little extra) watching, learning and working with the newborn models.  The first day, Amy had four models and went through various poses, showing me her workflow and everything she does to get it PERFECT! I was able to photograph the newborns with her input.  Angles, lighting, getting those fingers flat and making sure the wraps, headbands and hats were just so. I took some iPhone videos and quickly realized I really wanted to observe close-up, so I ditched the iPhone and just watched.

She used some tricks I had never thought of or didn’t know about (some things that are coming VERY soon to NPS Photography!). Amy is a master at getting those sweet newborns asleep and settled. I love all the textures she uses while keeping her set-ups monochromatic. It makes her images so pleasing to the eye.

She also showed me her editing workflow which was AMAZING and incredibly helpful! Then, Sunday it was my turn.  Amy watched as I posed four day old Lilly.  Amy gave awesome input along the way and I was so pumped by the end! Ready to bring my new knowledge back to continue Pinehurst newborn photography in my studio.

And November is bringing 7 newborns my way! (Was there a big snowstorm in February?) I will have lots of opportunities to show off my new skills.

I am currently booking newborns through April 2019.

Contact me for more information!

Ella Kate

Side laying newborn poserelaxed newborn posenewborn in a bowl


newborn in a bucketnewborn potato sacknewborn pose in a crate

Audie Marie and her momma

mommy and newborn pose


newborn tuck finn posebaby in a bucket

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