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All About Me – A Deep Dive

All About Me 003 - NPS Photography

Laughing Head Shot

photo by Pamela Wandrey Photography

All About Me – Quarantine 2020 Edition

All About Me 006 - NPS Photography

woman with shih tau

All About Me 004 - NPS Photography

mac and keyboard

All About Me 005 - NPS Photography

Egypt with the family

I know I have an About Me page and it’s a great overview for sure, but I thought I’d dive a little deeper and share a little more. And thanks to Covid-19 my year has taken a bit of a turn!Most days you can find me in workout clothes – I’m making a big effort to get out of my pjs by 10am these days.  I grab a decaf coffee or Paris tea (have you tried it? It’s the BEST) in the mornings. I’m still on my computer most days, but Photoshop and Lightroom aren’t getting opened very often. Instead of my typical editing (you need sessions to do that), I’m updating my website.  Actually creating an all new website!  A HUGE undertaking that for some bizarre reason I thought I could do all on my own.I LOVE to travel and one 2020 goal was to take a trip that involves a suitcase every month – unfortunately thanks to Covid-19 my trips have been put on hold, including my spring break trip to London.  Cue all the tears! Still hoping out family trip to Hawaii happens in July or we will have 17 VERY disappointed Sewells.I’ve been stepping up my workouts, too. Because I did this CrAzY thing…signed-up for a half marathon in December! Not sure what I was thinking, but Couch to 5k is my jam these days. And Lizzo, Taylor Swift, P!nk, Coolio, Kacey Musgrave, Macklemore and Beyonce get me through my workouts. I also have a kick a** Disney playlist – you’ve got to mix it up!I love binge watching (I mean who doesn’t?) while I edit or while I’m in quarantine.  Current faves…The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Virgin River (it is actually pretty bad, but I watched it none the less), The Sinner, The Politician, and Hart of Dixie (basically a Hallmark Movie in a series and I’m thinking I might need to watch it again). Oh and I just finished Tiger King and am almost done with the new season of Ozark.Me with my trusty assistant – Georgie the Shih Tzu photo by Pamela Wandrey Photographyphoto by Pamela Wandrey PhotographyEgypt 2009

My Photography Journey

All About Me 007 - NPS Photography

Brugges Belgium

All About Me 00 - NPS Photography

My Three Sons and the Shih Tzu

All About Me 001 - NPS Photography

family with three teenage boys

All About Me 002 - NPS Photography

photographer with Nikon D750

How does an elementary school teacher become a photographer? Easy!  She has kids and picks up a hobby.But let’s rewind – I married my Army man at 24 and had three boys in less than five years – good thing I was young! With my hubby’s unpredictable schedule (he’s a high risk obstetrician), me staying home was what worked best for our family. Army life means moving…Maryland to Ohio to Germany to North Carolina.  My first DSLR, a Nikon D60, (read about my current gear HERE) was a Christmas gift in Germany. Love ensued…literally. I spent lots of time playing with it and documenting our European adventures – all on auto mode.Brugges, Belgium 2007 photo by me on auto modeWhat made me learn manual? A deployed husband and three kids in school full time.  Three plus online classes later and I pretty much had it down (although I’m a perpetual learner and still to this day take classes, watch You Tube videos and even do workshops every year).My Three Sons + Georgie photo by meSessions for friends or a head shot and the next thing I knew I was registering my business, had a website and was paying taxes! Fast forward a few years and I was actually making real money and doing well over 100 sessions a year.photo by Denise Feagans Photographyphoto by Pamela Wandrey Photography

What Keeps Me Going

My clients. Each and every one of them. I love hearing their stories and documenting them. Making new friends and working with kids makes my heart happy. I’m incredibly proud to be a female entrepreneur who has built a thriving business from the ground up. Who knew I would love marketing and running a business? Being a solopreneur has its challenges, but the rewards outweigh them for sure.

What’s Next for NPS

Some of you know…A MOVE!  That’s right. My husband retired from the Army after 24 years and took a job in Washington, DC…so my plan is to join him in the city where I grew-up in September 2020. Let’s hope Covid-19 doesn’t derail those plans, too!But don’t worry North Carolina clients. We are keeping out house in Pinehurst and I plan to offer sessions in both places!So, there you have it – an all about me deep dive.Thanks for being part of my journey and stay tuned for my new website!

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