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Albums – The Perfect Keepsake

What do I do with my pictures?

Everyone and I mean everyone wants digitals. Digitals make it easy to share pictures on social media and with family.  I get it! BUT, albums are the perfect way to preserve your pictures for generations.In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a HUGE proponent of printing your pictures. It’s great to have them on your phone, but what happens when that phone is lost or breaks? I know, you have the cloud.  You can always access your photos, but will the next generation be able to access them? How about your great grandchildren?That’s why I offer albums with my sessions. Heirloom quality albums that are the IDEAL way to preserve your photos for generations to come.

Albums 1 - NPS Photography

Heirloom Keepsake Album

Albums 3 1 - NPS Photography

Keepsake Albums

Five Reasons I LOVE an Album

  1. You can get A LOT of photos in one album. A whole session in one album!

  2. They are compact. Albums don’t take up a lot of space.

  3. They are durable. The albums I offer have thick pages that won’t bend or fold.

  4. Customized. Each album is customized for you!

  5. Archival paper so they will last forever. Even your great grandchildren will be able to enjoy it!

Albums 2 - NPS Photography

Italian Album

Albums 4 - NPS Photography

Fabric Covered Album

Three Albums to Meet All Your Needs

The 5″ x 5″ fabric covered album with 10 lay flat pages. This small album is a perfect mini keepsake from your session. Or order one for the grandparents! It makes the PERFECT gift!The 10″ x 10″ fabric covered album with 10 lay flat pages. A larger album to really showcase your pictures! A fabulous addition to your coffee table.The Italian Album is a stunning 9.5″ x 9.5″ album with your favorite image on the front. The album has 20 lay flat pages and come in a beautiful keepsake box with an acrylic cover. Perfect to display on a book shelf!

How to Get Your Album

Book a session with me! My Lifestyle Sessions include the digital images AND a 5″ x 5″ album with the option to upgrade to the larger albums.

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I'm DC photographer, Natasha Sewell. I'm all about capturing those unscripted, full-of-personality moments in the comfort of your home.

As a mom of three and a former elementary school teacher turned in-home newborn and family photographer, I know how to get your littles to cooperate and have FUN!

Let’s get to preserving your family's real-life moments in the place you’re most comfortable – your home.

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