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Urban Family Session | Aberdeen NC Photographer

A “city” can be the perfect spot for an urban family session. Aberdeen may not be a city, but it is the perfect spot! There are sidewalks, benches, colorful brick walls, fire escape stairs, and a train track that is not in use. (Please note that it is against the law to photograph on an active train track.  NPS Photography WILL NOT shoot on a train track due to the danger.  Safety is ALWAYS the top priority.) I love exploring and being an Aberdeen photographer for a day.

It was such joy to photograph this family again!  I did Miss E’s newborn session and a family session for them in another “urban” area (downtown Southern Pines) and then they moved away. So, I was elated to find out they were back and wanted to book a session! We had a beautiful, sunny day and a new family member to photograph. I’ve said it before, but I always enjoy having furry family members join in the session.  Miss E had to warm up to me a bit, but once she did, she rocked the session.

Here are a few things I LOVE about urban locations…

1. The ability to make my subjects really pop! Urban settings tend to have some stark walls and backgrounds that draw the focus on my subjects. Greenery is usually very limited and people really stand out against buildings.

2. Texture! Urban settings provide a different sort of texture to a “green” setting. Brick, stone and concrete add a lot of dimension.

3. Landmarks. Choosing an urban location that has some meaning to the family is always a treat. Whether they live in that city or town or they want a portrait taken infant of their favorite coffee shop, shop or move theater, the background can have great sentimental meaning. What is better than having all the people you love in a portrait at a location that has a special meaning to your family?

4. No bright green or yellow grass to deal with! Let’s face it, North Carolina grass is not the best.  It’s either fluorescent green (spring) or yellow (late fall, winter). Neither look great in a picture. No need to worry in an urban setting!

Let me help you choose your urban Moore County location.  We have a lot of them!

Little Girl with Brick WallSweet PuppyUrban Family SessionLittle girl with Puppy

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