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A Blowout Fail & RISE Business

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RISE Business Conference

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Marie Forleo

I had it all planned out. Leave at 7:30am, drive to Charleston, grab a quick lunch at a yummy Greek restaurant, get a blowout and take some pictures with Pamela Wandrey Photography. It was a sunny day and we were on!It all went perfectly including finding parking on the street.  The lunch was delicious – oh boy do I love Greek food – and Stella’s did not disappoint. We got to the blowout bar early! I had a fabulous stylist named Kween and she made me feel and look like a queen.  Great wash and blowout with some curls. Seriously perfect!Pam and walked outside and I swear the wind picked up. 10 minutes…10 minutes and my hair was totally flat. What’s a girl to do? ROCK what you’ve got!Attitude. Life is about your attitude. Finding the positive, learning from mistakes, making it work even if it’s not perfect and doing the hard work. I’ve always known this and I think I’ve done a pretty good job living my life this way for the most part.  I’ve had struggles, as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter, as a friend, but I have always continued to move forward. RISE Business reinforced these thoughts.  It also inspired me, taught me new things and let me connect with like minded people. It was EVERYTHING!You might remember I attended RISE with my sister this summer in Dallas. RISE is a women’s conference. And even though some of the messages were the same, RISE Business took it to a whole new level!The speaker line-up was AHH-MAZING! Entrepreneurs and business men and women who are next level! What else could a girl want?Honestly, I’m still processing it all. So much information – inspirational and tactical. I’m slowly rolling out some of the tactical things. I’ll leave you with some cell phone pics and my favorite quotes from the three days. Prepare your heart!”Failure is the most information rich data source.” -Tom Bilyeu”Go towards failure.” -Dave Hollis”Know your meaningful difference.” -Mally Roncal”ACT – Action creates transformation.” -Trent Shelton”Be responsible for the energy you are projecting into the world.” -Brendon Burchard”Nurture the audience you have.” -Amy Porterfield”The world wants the authentic version of you and your company.” -Dean Graziosi”Play to win.” -Ed Mylett”Simplify to amplify.” -Marie Forleo”Hard to be hateful when you are grateful.” -Chris HoganI LIVE for a conference. Especially one with like minded people!

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