9 Must-Haves to Get Ready for Your DC Area Newborn Session

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9 Must-Haves to Get Ready for Your Newborn Session

From their curly hair to their little toes, there’s nothing more precious than a newborn. Bringing home your new addition is such a sweet time for your family! But, as they say, “babies don’t keep”. That’s why a newborn lifestyle session with NPS Photography – a DMV Newborn Photographer is a great way to freeze time and capture details you’ll treasure forever!

However, from one mama to another, I know how stressful the idea of in-home session can be. You’re probably wondering what you need to prepare for your newborn session – and I promise to send you a detailed guide with your confirmation. But I’m thought I’d share with you this list of necessities, which I promise includes things you probably already have on hand! 

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The 9 Must-Haves According to NPS – a DMV Newborn Photographer

1. A simple onesie

I love capturing simple shots of everyday life in this special season. And that’s why onesies are the perfect outfit! And they’re super practical for a newborn lifestyle session because your little one will be comfortable and you won’t have to worry about dealing with too many outfit pieces (because we all know getting a top and bottoms set on a newborn can be a mini workout!). Onesies also give me access to their little toes – and those detail shots are some of my favorites!

2. A swaddle

Another favorite part of these sessions is the sweet interactions between you and your newborn. You can really feel the love! That’s why I always recommend you pick out your favorite swaddle, so you can get extra cozy with your sweet bundle of joy. Plus, it keeps them extra snug when they’re awake so any of their sudden movements don’t disrupt any of precious images. Some of my favorite swaddles are by Lou Lou and Co.

3. Diapers and wipes

Need I say more? We’ll take any necessary breaks for when nature comes calling. That said, it never hurts to be prepared with some diapers and wipes closeby, and maybe a portable changing pad while you’re at it! 

4. Burp cloth

It sounds like such an obvious one, but believe me, it can easily be forgotten, and you won’t regret having one (or two!) on standby! Hey, spit happens. With a burp cloth ready to go, you can quickly clean up any messes to ensure your newborn and yourself are comfortable and camera ready!

5. A few books or a favorite toy (if you have older children)

Getting siblings to sit still for a few minutes can be tricky, especially if they’re toddlers! I’ve been there – I get it! We’re not aiming for the perfectly posed, forced smile shots. And honestly, these unscripted moments are what you’ll treasure. And a book is the perfect way to wrangle a toddler in and get them to cozy up to you and the baby. Pictures of families reading together make me swoon!

6. A made bed with a white or neutral bedspread (or a white flat sheet)

Prepare a bed in your home with a neutral bedspread or even a white flat sheet, which makes for a simple backdrop, so your newborn can be the star of the show. Basically any neutral color is will create a polished and sophisticated look that will never feel dated when you’re looking back on these precious moments captured on camera!

7. Pacifier

Your sweet babe can be awake or asleep for our session while I work through some natural posing to get shots of their tiny features. But just in case of an inevitable fussy moment, a pacifier is always a good thing to have on hand. Not a pacifier fan? No worries – mom or dad’s finger is a great fix, too, and makes for some super sweet shots!

8. A simple headband

You can’t go wrong with simple, small accessories for little girls! A classic headband adds a personal touch and can take your photos up a few levels in cuteness.

9. Snacks

You can never have enough snacks on hand. Am I right? For the older ones who waited patiently through their littlest sibling’s time in the spotlight, a favorite snack is a nice treat for them to enjoy. And if you’re bottle feeding, please have a bottle handy. Even though you’ve fed the baby before I arrived, sometimes they need a little snack, too!

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That’s it! You’re all set for your newborn lifestyle session!

Take a deep breath, mama, and get ready to preserve real-life moments with your newest addition. These are moments you’ll cherish for years to come.

And if you haven’t booked your newborn session yet, I’d love to be your DMV newborn photographer. Let me answer all your questions and get your session on my calendar!

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