7 Great Tools I Use to Run My Business

April 5, 2023

Natasha Sewell

NatashaSewell NPSPhotography WashingtonDC

A Little History

When I started my business back in 2013, I had a Blogspot website (hey, it was free!), a Yahoo email address and Photoshop. I wrote every email from scratch and I would attach a PDF with my pricing. Oh the simple life!

But, as my business grew I needed to gain back some time and run things more efficiently. I started using a CRM (client management system), got a legit website and started using gallery software.

Fast forward ten years, and I use a lot of things to help my business run and I’m sharing them all with you! And most of them have a special saving, too. If there isn’t a code, the discount is in the site link!

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Tools I Use to Make My Business Run

DUBSADO: My client management software. It’s literally what keeps my business running! An inquiry comes in and a workflow immediately starts. Automatic emails go out, clients schedule phone consults, proposals go out with contracts and invoices. It’s a true lifesaver!  I also hired Colie James (Dubsado guru) to set it up for me.  Money well spent!

PIC-TIME: Not only does Pic-time host all my client galleries, it runs my entire ordering process! I create slideshows right in Pic-Time, too. Clients also order their products directly from the shop in their gallery. Total time saver! CODE:2URNND

SHOW-IT: My website platform. Show-It is so easy to use. And I love the way my website looks – clean, timeless and totally on-brand.

SQUARE: Being able to take credit cards makes my life soooo easy.  Let’s face it, I was terrible with remembering to deposit checks and this way my clients pay from home and the money goes directly into my bank account.

FLODESK: Do you get my newsletter? That’s Flodesk! Pretty newsletters, landing pages and a great way to deliver freebies!

PLANN: I have a love/hate relationship with social media, but Plann helps me love it! I can easily plan all the pretty posts and post directly through Plann.  I can also set-up hashtag sets…a total time saver!

CANVA: Pretty graphics? Canva for the win! Do you follow my Tuesday Tips with NPS over on the ‘Gram? those graphics are all done with Canva! They have so many templates and you can upload your colors and fonts for easy access.

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Want More Info?

Do you have any questions about the tools and software I use to run my business? Email me!  I’d love to answer your questions and connect!

Want more of a deep dive? I now offer MENTORING!

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