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5 Things to Avoid for a Successful Washington DC Photo Session

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Don’t Do That!

I know what you’re thinking…usually photographers only give tips of what to do FOR their session. And that’s totally true and I have several blog posts you can check out with my tips (HERE and HERE).

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But, there are some things I have to remind clients time and time again and I thought a blog post might just be in order. And, listen, if you do one of these things, it’s not going to ruin your session in any way, but avoiding them will make your session that much better!

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5 Things to Avoid for a Successful Session

  1. Tight, short dresses. I know you have that darling shift dress that is your favorite and the colors are perfect for a lifestyle session, but don’t do it! And here’s why – you can’t move freely, you’ll be tugging at your dress the whole session, and you’ll be worried something (ie. underwear) are showing! Save the dress for a special occasion and wear something you can sit and move freely in!

  2. Shoes and socks. Yes, both of them. Bare feet are the way to go with a in-home lifestyle session. Kids toes are cute and there’s nothing worse than getting the BEST picture and having the sole of your shoe front and center. And no one, I mean no one, wants to see your socks. Bare feet for the win!

  3. Electronics. Turn them off! At least 15-30 minutes before I arrive. This goes for mom and dad’s phones, too. This is time you want to spend with your family, concentrating on your family – be present. And to be honest, I can’t compete with an iPad.

  4. Telling your kids to smile. I realize the natural instinct when getting your pictures taken is to tell your kids to smile or “say cheese”. I’m begging you, pleading with you – don’t do it! I promise you I will get the natural, genuine smiles you love. Let me work my magic!

  5. Looking at the camera. Ok, you booked a lifestyle session. Not a studio session. Lifestyle Sessions are all about connection and interaction and movement. So resist your instinct to look at the camera – look at those people you love, you know, the one’s that drive you crazy some days. Those are the pictures you want! And I promise to get one “grandma shot” with everyone looking at the camera!

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Let’s Have Some Fun!

Now that I have that off my chest – phew – crank up your favorite music and let’s capture those little, unscripted moments that make your family yours. And lastly, my promise to my clients is that you will walk away from your session with a smile and that you will treasure your images for generations to come.

You haven’t booked a session yet? What are you waiting for?

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5 Things to Avoid - NPS Photography

5 Things to Avoid for a Successful Photography Session

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