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5 Mom Blogs That Are Totally Worth a Follow

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Blogs…how 2006, right?

Way back in 2006, I started a blog. Yes, a legit blog.

We were getting ready to move to Germany for three years with our three young boys (8, 5 & 4) and I wanted family and friends to be able to follow along on our journey. Let me take you back to 2006…social media really wasn’t a thing. I mean Facebook started in 2004, but moms in their 30s weren’t the targeted market when Facebook first began.

It’s 2006 and blogspot was all the rage! And that’s where I started.

My blog wasn’t like blogs these days. There weren’t any links or tutorials. It was strictly a “family diary” – pictures and a little paragraph about what we had done. Do you want to laugh? You can read my very first post HERE. And if you are super bored you are welcome to take a deep dive. It’s not exciting, but there are a lot posts!

Fast Forward

In 2012, I started my business…then I started a blogspot for my business…then I bought my website!

So, my “blogging” has grown and developed. Sure, my blog isn’t earth shattering. It’s a lot of gorgeous pictures of babies and families with a bit a humor and some (at least I like to think) great info.

Back in the day, I used to follow mom blogs. I really loved them. But they weren’t a lot different than mine. Moms sharing stories and pictures.

Now with social media it’s easy to follow people like you, right? But oddly enough, I find myself following moms with young kids. I love listening to their stories and seeing their sweet littles and I appreciate the struggles and occasionally I buy a thing or two that they recommend.

Mom Blogs Worth a Follow

So, I thought I’d share some of my faves with you. Because honestly, you probably have more in common with them than I do!

  1. Lynzy at Lynzy and Co. – She’s awesome! Lynzy is a certified physician’s assistant and her husband is an ER doc. They have four kids and I just love her! She shares valuable info along with cute affordable clothing! She JUST had her youngest during Covid and baby Maggie is a doll.
  2. Alex at Always Us – She is a military spouse, they lived in NC before moving to Germany and now they are headed to Boston – yes they did an international move during a global pandemic. Some similarities for sure! She has two adorable little little girls and I loved following their European adventures. Her blog and IG is filled with value!
  3. Liz at Pure Joy Home – Liz loves essential oils (so do I!), she had three kiddos and is completely renovating a house right now. I love some decor! She also has a love of J.Crew – and in case you didn’t know I literally panicked when I though they were closing-up shop. 75% of my wardrobe is J.Crew! Anyway, she’s fun to follow!
  4. Julia at Lemon Stripes – There is nothing not to like about Julia. She’s real. Julia wears her heart on her sleeve. She has one little girl and has everything from recipes to clothing to decor and fitness (her husband is a personal trainer). She has a very powerful post about surviving miscarriage – something I have also been through.
  5. Brooke at Nesting With Grace – I want Brooke to come redo my house! Seriously – she and her husband are amazing! They recently added onto their tiny house and it and their backyard are what dreams are made of! Brooke has three kids and is also a great resource for essential oils and plants! But really her design hacks (check out her light trick) and inspiration are the BEST!

I hope you find a fun mom blogger to follow on this list! And that you’ll keep checking-in with MY BLOG now and again and PLEASE leave me some love (ie. comments). xo

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