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4 Ways to Use a Flat Lay | Pinehurst Branding Photographer

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What’s a Flat Lay?

First things first, what is a flat lay? Maybe you’ve heard the term, but don’t really know what they are and how to use them? I’m here to help you with 4 ways to use a flay lay!

You might have used free stock images on your website or social media and not even realized it was a flat lay!

A flat lay is basically an image taken from above – bird’s eye view. It capture things – not people.

Stock images can be super useful, but there is something missing from them – YOU! Personalization! When YOUR things are used in a flat lay it aligns perfectly with your brand. Every entrepreneur, business person or side hustle can benefit from a flat lay!

How to Use a Flat Lay

gift card flat lay

INSTAGRAM SALE 1024x1024 1 - NPS Photography

  1. Sales & Promotions

You can use a flat lay as the background for a promotion or sale! You can include items you are selling or if you happen to selling a service (like me!) you could use some flowers in your brand colors and a gift card.

New Fashion Collection Promo Announcement E28094 Instagram Post 1024x1024 1 - NPS Photography

2. Information

You can use a flat lay in the background of a title or information. Let’s say you are doing a carousel post on Instagram – you can start a title (like above). It’s still a branding picture because YOUR things are used. It sets it apart!

FLAT LAY 2 E28094 Instagram Post 1024x1024 1 - NPS Photography

3. Testimonials

Highlight your testimonials and reviews! Use a flat lay behind the wording – it makes the testimonial stand out and gives it a personal, cohesive touch!

Untitled design 1024x1024 1 - NPS Photography

4. Customized

I always try to get a few flat lays that have a device (smart phone, iPad or tablet) in them that you can customize. I used Canva to drop this photo over the iPad screen. There are endless possibilities with a flat lay like this! It’s especially great when you are launching something new like a course or website or offering!

How Do I Get Personalized Flat Lays?

The answer to this is easy – during your Branding Session with me!

Flat lays are including in your Mini or Full Branding Session with NPS Photography. I have you pull items that are important to you and your business – like books, coffee mugs, desk items or even products you sell – you get the idea!

And before your session, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire about you and your business. This makes creating personalized flat lays that much easier!

I like to think of a flat lay as the perfect way to make your business stand out visually. And let’s face it, that’s what social media and websites are all about – the visual story!

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