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2021 Nursery Inspiration | DC Newborn Photographer

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DC Newborn Photographer

Let’s talk nursery decor!

In case you’re new here – I love to decorate. And re-decorate. Yes, I’m a newborn photographer, but decor is a true passion of mine!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know in the past few months, I painted my first floor living space white and am gearing-up to wallpaper my dining room – actually pay someone else to do it! And I finally updated our kitchen chairs we’ve had since 2003!

Kitchen re-do/update…yes, it’s on the agenda for 2021!

With my love of decor, I thought I’d do a little 2021 nursery trend round-up for you!

As a newborn photographer, I love photographing newborns in their nurseries. It’s usually a space that has been decorated and put together with love…and it shows!

So many special little touches – like little items from family members – dad’s baby shoes, mom’s silver rattle or a framed ultrasound picture.

Here are the 2021 biggest trends when it comes to nurseries!

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Gender Neutral Spaces

Which makes a lot of sense to me! Especially of you don’t know what you’re expecting. Or if you plan to have additional children and don’t want to have to redecorate!

2021 Nursery Color Trends

Th number one color trend…white! Which is a trend I’m here for! A total blank slate. Other colors that are very popular – pale gray, beige and earthy tones.

All of the colors stay in the gender neutral zone, too!

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Nursery Inspiration

Nursery Themes

2021 themes are pretty gender neutral, too! Into the Wild is a big one and I’ve seen quite a few nurseries recently that align with this theme. Scandinavian Inspired and Global Inspiration are two others.

I love the idea of bringing in accessories or items from other countries! Rugs and wall art are a great way to incorporate your theme, and they’re easy to switch it out as your child grows!

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Nursery Elements

House Plants are HUGE in 2021! I’ve developed CGT – Covid Green Thumb – and I’m actually keeping plants ALIVE in my home! So, I’m clearly a fan of this trend!

Not only do house plants add texture and color, but they also help purify the air!

Easy to clean materials which translates to natural fibers – cotton, linen, wool. and even leather. These materials can be used for bedding, rugs, window treatments. You name it!

Statement light fixtures are a major trend! What a difference a light fixture can make! They can totally change the look of a room or be a focal point.

Accent Walls – wallpaper or paint help make an accent wall. There are so many peel and stick wallpapers out there and help add a fun accent without being permanent. Or paint one wall a dramatic color!

I LOVE a good nursery design! I’ve had a blast on Pinterest pinning my favorite nursery inspiration – go take a look!

Now that you’re ready to decorate your nursery, let this newborn photographer document your new addition in this new space!

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