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He had amazing lashes as a newborn.  I even did an Instagram post with a 100% zoom on his lashes, but, wow, he has the longest lashes I have ever seen on a baby! Not only are they long, but they curl…be still my heart! And as a Whispering Pines baby photographer I see A LOT of lashes!

Baby T joined me in the studio today for his sitting-up session.  All 21 pounds of him! He’s a chunk which make those naked baby pictures that much more fun because you can see all the rolls. One of the reasons I always try to get those images at this stage.

Sometimes at this stage they are still giving gummy smiles, not Baby T.  He has two little teeth right on the bottom that he showed off in every smile. And those smiles, mom and I worked for every last one. I honestly think mom could have counted the session as her workout. He was too busy checking out my lights to smile. The great thing about my lights is that I can capture some amazing profile shots when they are checking them out.

Baby T is a Watch Me Grow baby. I get to capture all his milestones in his first year. Mom and I even talked about his one year session today and some ideas we have for it. After his one year session, I will design a gorgeous heirloom album to celebrate his first year!

Thank you for visiting me today, Baby T! I look forward to celebrate your next milestone.

NPS Photography - Pinehurst, NC -Whispering Pines Baby Photographer - Baby T 003NPS Photography - Pinehurst, NC -Whispering Pines Baby Photographer - Baby T 002NPS Photography - Pinehurst, NC - Whispering Pines Baby Photographer - Baby T 001NPS Photography - Pinehurst, NC -Whispering Pines Baby Photographer - Baby T 004

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